The Confidence Club

Join The Confidence Club and get fresh, sharp blade replacements shipped right to your door every month.

  • Included With Your Confidence Club Membership

    • Blade Reflills Every 30-60 Days
    • Free Shipping on All Orders
    • Monthly Rates Starting at Just $20
    • Skip or Cancel Any Time
    • Lifetime Warranty & Free Replacements if Your Razor Breaks
  • Stay Sharp

    Everyone likes new. With replacement blades delivered to you on the regular, your Alpha Razor will cut like new, every time.

    Plus, shaving with sharp blades prevents bumps, irritation and bacteria buildup

  • VIP Pricing

    There are benefits to being part of a club. Add additional products to your replenishment box at member pricing—the lowest retail price on everything we sell!

    You'll also get first access to new product launches, sales and discounts.

  • You're The Boss

    Pause, skip, or cancel your subscription at any time. Our durable 6 blade cutting system stays sharp for 50-60 sessions, so you have full control over how often you want that fresh-out-of-the-box shave.

    Either way, you're in charge.


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