The AlphaRazor™ Grooming System

For years, the bald man was forced to settle for mediocre tools that weren’t specifically engineered for him.

So we dedicated our lives to design a tool that would revolutionize the bald man’s modern grooming ritual.

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  • 75% of women think bald men are more successful and dominant.

  • 62% of women believe bald men make better sexual partners.

  • 85% of women report being more attracted to bald men.

  • 25% of men experience hair loss before the age of 21

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Alpha's take risks. We know you never turn down an opportunity to step up your game. And we're 100% confident that once you use AlphaRazor, you'll never go back to your old grooming routine.

But Alpha's don't make promises they can't keep, so if for any reason your not happy with your purchase in the first 60 days, we'll refund you every dollar. No questions asked.

  • " If Tesla designed a razor, this would be it. "

  • " Cuts my shaving time down to 2 minutes a day. "

  • " The best head shave of my life, hands down! "

  • " Alpha Razor is a game changer for the Bald movement. "

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Just have a peek at some reviews from customers all over the country

“No more cuts.”

“It’s so easy to use. Only takes a couple of minutes a day to maintain. No more cuts. Just a close, clean shave, and leaves no mess. As soon as I used it for the first time I felt the most confident I’ve ever felt in my whole life.”

-Max F.

Chicago, IL

“Absolute game changer.”

“No more mental torture of waiting until my head would become fully bald. I took the plunge using Alpha Razor and Never Looked Back! I get a clean, close shave in minutes with zero cuts and zero mess. Alpha Razor helped change my life”

-Thomas R.

Miami, FL

“10/10 shaving experience.”

“The feeling of freeing yourself from the anxiety is like no other. Today I get more compliments from attractive women than I ever received before I shaved it all off.”

-Gerrard H.

Los Angeles, CA

“Need more of these!”

“I just shaved with this razor, right out the box. Absolutely perfect. No pulling close. I should have bought this a year ago. Never going back to regular shaves.”

-Jason R.

Chicago, IL